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Eloy Suarez – Fielding, Hitting and Defensive Coach

Eloy personally believes that in order to be successful in the game of baseball, having disciplined defensive players is the key.  Growing up in the Yucatan Peninsula gave him the passion and love for the game baseball at an early age.  Being selected to represent his state in many National tournament he signed his 1st professional contract with the Yucatan Lions at the age of 15.  After 4 seasons he made the decision to come to the United States to start a family.  His children are now very active playing baseball and softball, and he has been fortunate enough to coach his son’s team that has been ranked in the state for the past 2 consecutive years.  He has been able to work with many talented coaches in his early years .  Many of they ideologies and methods for playing the game has stuck with him and is eager to pass them down.


Anthony Sopena – Hitting and Speed & Agility Coach

Anthony is a Certified Speed Agility Specialist and has trained several athletes and traveling baseball teams.  He also served as an Apprentice for Jim Tyrrell, former New York Yankees Trainer who was one of their Strength Conditioning Coaches.    Anthony brings enthusiasm, passion, knowledge and first hand training to all those he works with.  The Philosophy that he feels works best is “use the whole field, foul pole to foul pole, become a gap to gap hitter”.  Let the game situation and the pitch you are looking for determine your approach.  Hit the ball as hard as you can.  HITTERS AREN’T BORN, THEY ARE MADE THROUGH HARD WORK, DETERMINATION, CONSISTENCY AND DESIRE.



John Herrera – Pitching Coach

John grew up playing baseball in Southern California from the beginning through High School.  Although John opted for college, he was drafted multiple times by the Minnesota Twins, Milwaukee Brewers, NY Yankees, and finally securing his place in the Oakland Athletics farm system at the AA level.  Unfortunately, John suffered a career ending injury and he settled in as a teacher and baseball coach.  His philosophy is to evoke, Discipline, Leadership, Selflessness, and Work Ethic along with Confidence.  John believes that player should be challenged in all of these aspects on and off the field.  Life lessons come  through participation in athletics and interaction with positive coaching principles.

Greg Schane – Fundamentals Coach

Coach Greg Believes in Players being matched by age and skill level to insure they are being challenged properly with each drill. He focuses on teaching proper mechanics through proven and effective skills drills! Players learn 3 ways, Watching, Listening and Performing.





Josh Sulejmani – Catching Coach

Coach Josh Sulemani played 7 years of Travel Baseball and was placed on the Varsity team 3 of his 4 years at Hampshire High School as their starting catcher.  Josh’s High School team achieved great notoriety winning the Super Sectional his Senior year and finishing in the top 4 of the High School State Championships.  Josh continued to share his love of the game with our program developing into a great leader, coach, and instructor of the game, specializing at the catcher position.


Alex Niecikowski- Hitting Coach

Alex was a College baseball player who played 2 years at Oakton Community College with All-Conference and All-Area selections both years.  Being offered a Scholarship to Ashland University in Ohio he played his final 2 years of College as an Eagle and assisted them to a NCAA Regional Championship in his Junior year and Competed in the DII college World Series in 2019 as the Team Captain.  Alex began coaching after his College career to pass his love of the game to others.  He personally believes, “Baseball is a game of Passion and Hard Work, YOUR success comes from what you Give to the Game.  Play every game as it is your Last!”